Entice your customers with virtual reality experience

It is the first time you see your car. You are opening the hotel door. You are approaching the land you have been dreaming about. You are walking through your newly purchased house.

Yet you know where to go, what to do. Even though it is the first time you are here physically, you are very familiar with this place.

Virtual reality experience is just as authentic as the reality itself

In order to experience this you only need: Internet access or 3D glasses.

3D scan allows you to walk through a particular space step by step, while observing any details you desire. It is as easy to find your way in the three-dimensional model or building layout as it would be in reality. Inserted texts, videos or links further enhance the exciting experience with virtual reality. Which of your customers could resist such temptation?

Are you interested in how 3D Scan works?

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3D scan does not substitute reality, it really displays it

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Čeladná Cattaleya hotel
Land-rover Discovery 5 showroom
Bouncy castle rental
Villa 603 lease
Petrovice wellnes castle
Detached house sale
TestimonialsP&P partners
“Cooperation with P&P Partners and Ondřej Pavlačík is always on a professional level, and according to our expectations. Therefore, I do not hesitate to recommend this company to others.

There have been very positive reactions to the 3D scan. And, moreover, several clients have decided for accommodation in our Villa 603 based on the 3D view.” Marie Vašínková

owner, Villa 603

“3D scan makes our work easier: If potential purchasers find the property good, virtual reality amplifies their enthusiasm to buy it. On the other hand, if the property fails to meet their expectations, 3D scan saves time for them, for me, as well as the sellers.
In addition, we like the character of the people who cooperate with us in this area.

We value the fact that they have fulfilled and implemented all our agreements.” Martin Fördös

real estate broker, Coreact reality s. r. o.

“We have been intrigued by the failure-free recording speed, as well as the quality of the 3D scan display. Nowadays, this is one of the most mesmerising features on our website – potential customers enjoy playing and exploring space.

What we particularly appreciate in our cooperation are the innovative ideas which you offer on your own initiative; and reliability, of course. Everything is always just perfect.” Jakub Lilik

team member, Resort Cattalaya

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